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26 May 2017

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Lapworth Parish Council meet monthly at the village hall to discuss local matters and make decisions affecting residents. The public are welcome to attend these meetings and are given a chance to make representations at the start of each meeting. The Parish Council website will tell you when the meetings are. So, go along and watch the most local level of local government in action.
The link on the top left of this page will take you there too. The picture in it is the Chairman's badge and chain of office. Follow this link to find out what the images on it mean.

Scarecrow Festival This year the Scarecrow Festival Committee had a break and there was no Lapworth Scarecrow Festival 2016. There has been one for ten years and everyone involved deserved a rest. There might be a 2017 festival.

Gormley Sculpture Gone An Antony Gormley Sculpture was erected in Lowsonford in the grounds of Lengthsman's Cottage by the Stratford canal May 2015. This was a loan for a year in collaboration with the Landmark Trust and it has now gone. Here are some pictures of the sculpture being removed.

Lapworth in the early 1900s. The late Keith Gascoigne published some reminiscences of Lapworth during the early 20th century in the parish magazine. These have been reproduced in the History society pages. The link will take you directly to them.

The Lapworth Players website is currently offline (8th May). On this website there is a list of plays since 1968 with an archive of pictures. There is also a collection of drawings by Gillian and Arthur Lockwood.

"Love From Charlotte", a short story by Gill Polgreen:
The tears splashed onto the keyboard of the laptop, leaving little puddles on the D and the K. Harriet mopped them up with a neatly pressed handkerchief and hastily dabbed at her carefully made-up eyes, trying to avoid smearing her mascara....Follow this link to read the rest.

Where is your electricticy generated? Gridwatch is an excellent website using publicly available but previously obscure data to show clearly how much power the country uses and how it is generated. It paints an interesting picture.