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24 Nov 2014

"Love From Charlotte", a short story by Gill Polgreen:
The tears splashed onto the keyboard of the laptop, leaving little puddles on the D and the K. Harriet mopped them up with a neatly pressed handkerchief and hastily dabbed at her carefully made-up eyes, trying to avoid smearing her mascara....Follow this link to read the rest.

The Weather

The Lapworth Players have their own website now and the icon link will take you there. It is being developed so watch that space to see how it progresses.

Lapworth in the early 1900s. The late Keith Gascoigne published some reminiscences of Lapworth during the early 20th century in the parish magazine. These have been reproduced in the History society pages. The link will take you directly to them.

Better Broadband? You can read Warwickshire County Council's broadband project website here. Unfortunately it doesn't look as if there are plans to bring fast broadband to the Lapworth area any time soon.

Kingswood Residents' Group has been formed by a group of folk, living in the Kingswood area of Lapworth, who feel that they have not been properly informed or consulted by the Parish and District Councils in matters concerning proposed developments in the area. You can use the link to visit their website and find out more.

The Parish Council website is independent of and can be seen by following the link on the left of this page. The picture in the link is the Chairman's chain of office. Follow this link to find out what the images on it mean.

Parish Plan The Lapworth parish plan has been published and you can read about it on the parish plan pages.